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Dear Friend,


Are you experiencing marriage problems or challenges? Everyone does, but no one wants to admit it. Unfortunately, ignoring your marriage issues won't make them go away. And unless you solve them, they could get even worse.


Do any of the following describe you and your relationship?

Do you feel like you aren't getting enough of what you want or need from your spouse? You know - things like romance, affection, sex, respect, trust, love and encouragement. 


Are you frustrated, disappointed, unhappy, hurt or just plain confused about what it takes to make your marriage better?


Do you feel like your partner doesn't understand you?


Do you argue over money issues?


Do you feel like you and your spouse are growing apart?

If so, you're not alone. Many people feel the same way - wanting to improve their marriage but not knowing how to go about it.


Maybe you don't have the time or money to seek expert marriage counseling. Perhaps you would find it awkward or embarrassing to talk to someone about your challenges. Or maybe your partner isn't as committed as you are to improving your relationship.


Fortunately, we have the solution…


Based on 17 years of research, practical application and coaching over 1,200 couples, we've designed a unique and powerful new program that addresses all of the above problems and many others that harm your marriage and rob you of your joy.


It's called "The 21 Day Marriage Makeover."


The 21 Day Marriage Makeover is the first step-by-step, 21-day program to fully address and solve (or prevent) the 7 leading causes of stress, conflict and unhappiness in a marriage – areas that if not addressed can lead to frustration, loneliness, an affair or even divorce.


Now from the privacy of your own home, you can experience the life enriching marriage enhancing program praised by people like you from all over the world.


The 21 Day Marriage Makeover is fantastic! It will energize your relationship and bring a new level of excitement and purpose to your life." 

Mark Victor Hansen
, Co-author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul Series


The 21 Day Marriage Makeover will put you on the fast track to improving your marriage. You want quick results – and that’s exactly what you’ll get.


Now you can join people from all over the world who have transformed their relationships by following this proven day-by-day "blueprint" for marital success!


The following is just a sampling of what The 21 Day Marriage Makeover will do for you and your marriage:

  • You'll receive more love and affection from your partner than you ever thought was possible. 

  • You'll experience more open, honest and meaningful conversation. 

  • You'll increase the level of passion, romance, fun and laughter in your relationship. 

  • Your love life will skyrocket!

  • You'll discover the fast and easy way to solve your money problems, create financial security and stop arguing or fighting over money issues. 

  • You'll boost your self-esteem, increase your self-confidence, and discover your personal power.

  • You'll discover how to be shown more respect, trust and appreciation.

  • You'll feel closer to your spouse than you could have ever imagined. An incredible closeness that makes you feel safe, secure and good about yourself. 


Some Straight Talk About Improving Your Marriage


It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for 50 days or 50 years. If you don’t discover the secrets to achieving the marriage that you desire, you'll struggle trying to make things better your whole married life.


It doesn't have to be that way...


What you need is powerful yet simple marriage advice that works even if your partner isn’t a willing participant. Advice that will bring more love and happiness into your marriage regardless of how good or bad it is right now.

"The 21 Day Marriage Makeover is a breath of fresh air for marriages.

It really opens your eyes. It’s like when you go through life with the current vision you have. You just settle for what you’ve been seeing.

Then you go to the optometrist for an exam and he tells you that you need glasses. When you get your new glasses, the world suddenly becomes brighter, more vivid, more detailed. You start seeing things in a whole new way.

The 21 Day Marriage Makeover is like the new pair of glasses. It lets you see what marriage is really meant to be, and it provides the steps to attain that goal.

Thank you Darren and Donna for sharing this marriage prescription with the world."

– Richard and Mary Morrow – Buchanan, Michigan, USA

Let's face it, the next 21 days will pass you by regardless of what you do.  Why not use that time to improve your most valuable relationship? 



Who Else Wants a More Fulfilling Relationship?


If you already have a good marriage and would like to make it even better (mini makeover) or if you’re struggling and looking for answers (extreme makeover), you’ve come to the right place.


No where else will you be able to find the kind of complete, proven, time-tested, information available in The 21 Day Marriage Makeover.


You see – sometimes the difference between awesome success and miserable failure is that one missing ingredient. And finding that all-important ingredient may be easier than you think.

"We will be celebrating our 7th anniversary in December. We probably would not be if not for the grace of God, Joyce Meyer and The 21 Day Marriage Makeover.

Words can never express my sincere thanks. Keep spreading the good word on the beauty of marriage...I know I will."

– Johnny Diggins – Houston, Texas, USA




  What "Relationship Experts" Don’t Talk

About Could Cost You Your Marriage


Do you and your partner argue or fight over money issues? Do you think relieving your money pressures and having financial security would improve the quality of your marriage? Absolutely!


Everything that you do to relieve stress and improve the quality of your life will have a positive impact on your marriage.


But most relationship books and many marriage counselors barely address the topic of money or even mention it at all. That’s surprising given the fact that as many as 95 percent of arguments and fights in a marriage are over money issues.


As a matter of fact, one of the top five reasons stated for marital break-ups according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers is financial problems.


The techniques and strategies we teach are quite unique in the relationship improvement world. One example of this uniqueness is the fact that we address money issues head-on and in great detail.


If money concerns are a cause of stress in your life, then The 21 Day Marriage Makeover is your solution. 


"The 21 Day Marriage Makeover is an empowering and motivational book that will teach you how to have abundance in every area of your life including your finances. It is a must read for anyone wishing to relieve financial pressures and experience everything that a great marriage has to offer. I highly recommend it!"

Robert G. Allen
, Author of the New York Times Bestsellers Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income and The One Minute Millionaire


Not only are we relationship coaches, speakers and authors, but we are also entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, and avid success students. We know first hand how you can relieve your money pressures, create financial security and even achieve financial abundance.


The following is just some of what you’ll discover in the money section of The 21 Day Marriage Makeover:



You Can Kiss Your Money Worries Goodbye 
if You Follow This Simple 5-Step Plan


Your 5 Steps to Freedom:

  1. Learn how to identify and overcome your biggest hurdle to creating wealth.

  2. Discover and practice the #1 secret of America’s Millionaires.

  3. Create an easy to follow step-by-step debt reduction plan.

  4. Develop a powerful wealth-building plan.

  5. Become wealthy by uncovering your passion and using your creativity to wake up the financial genius inside you.

These 5 steps are simple, but only once you have learned some very important wealth-building secrets like the following:

  How to adjust your thoughts and attitude so that you’ll attract money to yourself like iron filings to a magnet.

  How you can benefit financially from knowing the self-talk difference between wealthy and average people given the same circumstances.  

Money issues matter because the health of your marriage can be affected by the health of your finances. And if you hate your job or find it unfulfilling, that negative energy can spill over into your marriage as well.


So not only do financial pressures place a huge strain on your relationship, but not loving your life’s work can also cause problems.


As far as mental health is concerned, the person who hates their job or boss and makes plenty of money is no better off than someone who loves their job, but struggles trying to pay the bills every month.


In short, both pressures need to be eliminated in order to experience everything that a great marriage has to offer.



How to "Divorce Proof" Your Marriage


Let’s face it. No one enters into marriage thinking that it will end in divorce. Most people truly believe that their marriage will last forever. "It will never happen to me," is a common statement made by many married couples today. And that’s a very healthy attitude to have as long as you’re taking the steps necessary to insure that it doesn’t happen to you.


But unfortunately, too many couples ignore or are unaware of the many warning signs that their marriage is headed for divorce or an affair.


The following are some of the signs:

If you or your partner is unhappy with your sex life or if the desire for sex has decreased


When you're starving for affection or you feel like you're married, but emotionally single


When the fun, laughter and playfulness fades 


If you're not feeling trusted, accepted or appreciated by your mate


If your communication is lacking or you feel like your partner doesn't understand you


If you fight about the same things over and over again


If you're not spending enough alone time with each other...

and the list goes on. 


So how do you keep divorce or an affair from happening to you?


First - Understand that no one is immune. One thing that we hear often is, "I didn't see it coming" or "I never thought it would happen to me."


Second - Know that at any given time your marriage is either getting better or getting worse, there is no in-between.


Third - Make sure that it's getting better. Go out of your way to learn how to improve your marriage - that's what The 21 Day Marriage Makeover is all about!


If you have read this far, then you’re serious about improving your marriage and your life - and we commend you for that and consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to guide you every step of the way.

"The marriage mentors - Donna and Darren - help you manage your money, your health, romance, happiness and more. It's a path they know very well. The 21 Day Marriage Makeover will keep you on track for a honeymoon that never ends!

Highly recommended."

– Larry James, Professional Speaker, Relationship Coach and Author of How to Really Love the One You're With

Can you pass this relationship test?

  • What are you doing on a daily basis to prevent your marriage from losing its spark?

  • Do you have the same or greater level of passion, romance and fun in your marriage today as you had when you first got married?

  • What efforts are you taking to guarantee that you and your spouse don’t grow apart?

  • Do you and your spouse communicate in a way that makes you feel energized and good about yourself?

  • Does your spouse understand you?

  • Do you and your spouse laugh together every day?

  • Are you experiencing financial pressures or do you fight about money?

  • What are you doing on a daily basis to insure that you are living in optimal health?

  • If you keep doing what you’re currently doing, do you see your marriage as getting better, or getting worse?

If your answer to one or more of the above questions was less than positive, then now is the time to take action. Now is the time to put your relationship back on track with the help of The 21 Day Marriage Makeover.  Now is the time to start building a brighter tomorrow by learning the marriage success principles that have been hidden from you for far too long.




A Significant Breakthrough in the

Advancement of Healthy Relationships


For many people, life has lost some of the spark that it once had. Each day tends to blur into the next as if someone has put their life on autopilot. Day-in day-out everything is pretty much the same.


After a while, they start to believe that their state of being is normal and soon forget that they used to look to the future with great anticipation. Some people call this condition as being "stuck in a rut."


We’ve all been there from time to time. And there’s no harm done as long as you recognize what has happened and act quickly to change your condition.


This kind of lackluster, "going through the motions" behavior may seem harmless, however it has a profound impact on every aspect of your life including your job, your health, your finances and especially your marriage.


Now the good news...


You can significantly change your current situation by applying a few time-tested principles to your life. These principles are easy to implement and will give you quick results.


We’ve found that one of the most effective ways to:

Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem


Keep your life exciting and fresh


Increase the level of love, passion, romance and fun in your relationship


Get out of debt and create financial abundance


Live in optimal health well into your 90’s


Insure that you are always looking forward to a bright future


Expand your mind and increase your creativity

And much, much more...is through personal growth.


One of the most dynamic, life-enriching relationship principles we teach is that "Growth as a couple requires growth as an individual."


It’s amazing how effective this principle is and it’s shocking that the relationship world doesn’t wave it in the air like a banner.


Perhaps you’ve never heard of this principle before, yet we believe it’s the single most important ingredient to creating and maintaining an awesome life-long mutually fulfilling relationship with your mate.


This one principle alone has changed the lives of so many of the people who have followed our advice. The following is one such person:

"I would like to thank Darren and Donna for the wonderful information and advice they have given me. They have inspired me to become a better person and spouse. I have improved my marriage and my life with their help!

My marriage has been enriched and my husband and I both value every word we have read. We have learned new ways of loving, communicating and respecting each other. Ways of dealing with difficult times with friends and siblings.

If everyone took a little advice from Darren and Donna, they too could have a better relationship with the world around them. 

Thank you to two wonderful people who give from the heart."

– Tina Anastasakis - Calgary, Alberta Canada


The fact that you’re reading this is a good indication that you want to improve at least one aspect of your life.


And if you feel that now is the time for you to start getting more out of life, then you are ready to learn the principles that will help you get out of your rut and cause you to live your life by design.



How to Experience More Open,
Honest and Meaningful Conversation


Do you ever feel like your spouse isn’t listening or doesn’t understand you? If so, you're not alone. This is a very common problem in many marriages. One that can be very frustrating, cause loneliness, lead to misunderstandings and provoke arguments.


It’s not that couples don’t communicate, it’s that they haven’t learned that men and women communicate very differently, interpret conversations differently and require more or less conversation.


Since meaningful conversation is a fundamental marriage builder, not understanding these differences and not knowing how to best deal with them can cause you a lot of confusion, frustration, loneliness and pain.


As if that wasn’t enough, you and your spouse also have different personality types. Your personality is a combination of your genetic makeup and your upbringing.


The 21 Day Marriage Makeover will help you discover, understand and learn how to appreciate these differences, which will cause the quality of your communication to skyrocket and will ultimately turn your strained relationship into an awesome one. 

"What an exciting book this was!  

Although my husband and I were well on the way to improving our relationship, I found new inspiration by reading The 21 Day Marriage Makeover. It helped me rid myself from the last drops of selfishness, lose my defenses and bring our friendship up a notch.  

My husband has a weird hobby and despite that he does lots for the family, I couldn’t forgive him for taking off for a couple of months every year to do what he enjoys. I was allowing myself to be influenced by people’s comments that they wouldn’t be able to cope with such a thing and that I’m being taken advantage of and that they would not allow this to happen to them.  

Despite his numerous invitations to join him, all I wanted was to see him give it up. I was tolerating his hobby, but I was not happy and I did not miss nagging at my husband about it.  

The 21 Day Marriage Makeover
helped me openly voice and discuss this without being confrontational
. We were able to share concerns, information and set our new goals without the usual (though benign) arguing.  

I have never felt so close to my husband before. 

I’m now able to appreciate my husband for who he is and not for who I wish he was. I now feel the freedom of enjoying MY OWN family life without comparing with other friends and family. 

By transmitting this message to my husband, I made him feel more loved and trusted. In return, he is more open to me than ever before.  

Belief, knowledge and their application can be so powerful. I can only say THANK YOU to Darren and Donna for writing this book. I am sure it is going to help millions of people as it helped me."  

- Maria Pelova - Nova Scotia, Canada

"Our marriage was greatly improved by reading your book.

There are too many things that we loved about it to write them all down. But the most important aspect for us was how to better understand each other. Learning more about our gender differences. Knowing our backgrounds better and trying to be more understanding of the differences in our upbringing. Learning about our personality traits and accepting them.

One of the neat things was how many inexpensive things you can do to show each other how much you love each other.

We found a family activity from your book. We are now avid campers! We love to go camping with the kids and they love it as well. 

Thanks so much for writing this book we love it!"

- Chris - Illinois, USA


We use the phrase "Honeymoon Marriage" to describe the kind of relationship couples experience when they apply the principles, tips and techniques taught in The 21 Day Marriage Makeover. But we quickly discovered that some of the people who go through the 21 Day Marriage Makeover actually end up with a better relationship than when they first got married.


How’s that for positive results?



How to Set Your Relationship on Fire by Identifying and Meeting Your Spouse’s Specific "Love Needs"


This topic is so critically important, however many couples completely miss it.


We’re all a little different and we each have certain "love needs" that need to be met within our relationship.


Understanding the different needs of men and women and of your spouse specifically will enable you to achieve a much greater level of intimacy in your marriage.


An interesting thing happens when you are meeting your partner's specific "love needs." Your own needs begin to be met as well. It's a simple case of cause and effect.


Not meeting your partner’s specific "love needs", on the other hand, is a sure-fire way to create an unfulfilling relationship - it can also lead to an affair and/or divorce.


Chapter 10 – Discovering your spouse’s desires, identifies the basic "love needs" of both men and women and gives you suggestions on how to best discover your spouse’s "love needs" and how to get your own "love needs" met as well.


This chapter is priceless!



Finally, Real Life Answers That Work!


The 21 Day Marriage Makeover is a powerful tool that will enable you to avoid the pain, stress and unhappiness of a strained relationship and experience all of the love, joy and fulfillment that an awesome marriage can offer.


Never before has there been an easier way to improve your marriage in just 21 days!

"The 21 Day Marriage Makeover takes the reader through a clear discussion of many of the problems that take the honeymoon elation and happiness out of a marriage and for each one offers sound advice on how to keep your relationship fresh and alive."

– The Midwest Book Review

Success in any area of life can be obtained by following a detailed road map written by someone who knows how to get there.


The 21 Day Marriage Makeover is that road map - a marriage success manual designed for people who want to get the most out of life.


Education, motivation, reflection and personal-growth are some of the themes that you’ll discover in The 21 Day Marriage Makeover.


As a matter of fact, you’ll find a complete section dedicated to these themes entitled, Your Guide to Achieving Personal Excellence. You’ll find the following three chapters within this section:

  • Chapter 13 - Nourishing your body – experiencing better health, more energy and greater self-confidence

  • Chapter 14 - Expanding your mind – the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom

  • Chapter 15 - Nurturing your spirit – the road to inner peace

This section will not only teach you the principles to achieving personal excellence, but it will also reveal to you the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection and how each area affects the quality of your life and your marriage.

"This is a fresh, animated, easy-to-read self-help book. It deals with a timely and marketable subject – especially given the modern-day challenges that are shaking the institution of marriage – and I applaud its honesty, sincerity, ingenuity and simplicity.

Winning techniques include the sprinkling of poignant and charming quotes from famous and not-so-famous individuals, the inclusion of a chapter dealing with physical health/well-being and how that factors into intimacy in a marriage, and some interactive exercises along the way (lists, provocative questions for discussion, etc.)

A large part of this book’s appeal is that its authors have "average Joe and Jane" appeal – they’re "just like you" in that they’re dealing with the realties of being married while wanting to extend that "honeymoon" appeal of marital union as long as they can.

This is a refreshing diversion from the thousands of other books on this subject that are more buttoned-up and formal in their tone, offering often-dry recommendations and advice from yet another highly qualified marriage counselor/therapist/psychologist."

- Jenny Wohlfarth, Writer's Digest

The 21 Day Marriage Makeover will reveal how you can dramatically improve the quality of your marriage regardless of its current condition. You’ll no longer need to feel helpless or think that things will never change.


Today is the day to invest in your marriage and make it everything that it can be!



You'll Get More Than You Bargained For!


We're very excited to be able to offer you The 21 Day Marriage Makeover program, which you can use in the privacy of your own home to experience amazing results in your marriage!


We charge $150 per hour for relationship coaching and $1,495 to personally take couples through the "21 Day Marriage Makeover" process. But now you can get the same life-changing benefits for only $49.95.


To make this incredible program even better, we’ve created The 21 Day Marriage Makeover Companion Workbook (included at no extra charge).


Through The 21 Day Marriage Makeover Companion Workbook, you will learn more about yourself, your spouse and even more about life itself than you ever thought was possible. You will perhaps for the first time in your married life discover exactly what it is that your partner wants and needs from you the most, and exactly what it is that you need to receive in order to feel happy and fulfilled in your relationship.



The 21 Day Marriage Makeover CoverYou will also uncover once and for all the limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits that have been holding you back from experiencing true joy and abundance in every area of your life.


This discovery process will transform your relationship and your life in a way that nothing else can!


No other marriage improvement program on the planet is as complete, as revealing and as effective as The 21 Day Marriage Makeover.


The 21 Day Marriage Makeover program is available in a digital format known as an electronic book (ebook) that you can immediately download onto your computer and start

improving your marriage right away


In just 21 short days, you'll be on your way to a better marriage! 




A Smart Investment that will

Radically Improve Your Life Forever!


Most people are very happy if they receive a 10 percent return on their investment. Invest $49.95 in a mutual fund with a 10 percent return and you'll receive $5 after one year.


Invest that same amount in your marriage (through The 21 Day Marriage Makeover program) and the return on investment is priceless! But if you feel the need to try and measure it's value, check out the following conclusions gathered from various marriage studies:


Happily married couples are 35 percent less likely to get ill, live 4 to 5 1/2 years longer and earn 20 to 30 percent more money than their less happy counterparts.


How's that for value?!



Stop Wishing and Start Experiencing 
the Marriage of Your Dreams


"Opportunities multiply as they are seized; they die when neglected.
Life is a long line of opportunities."
– John Wicker


Right now you have the amazing opportunity to benefit from the proven advice revealed in The 21 Day Marriage Makeover.


Seize the opportunity!


For the price of dinner and a movie for two, or one month of cable TV, you’ll discover exactly how to make your marriage the absolute best that it can be!


The 21 Day Marriage Makeover is your ticket to a better life!

"The 21 Day Marriage Makeover is a guide for newlyweds, a trouble shooter for marriages in difficulty, a relationship renewal manual for couples who desire to deepen their relationship or renew their vows. As every marriage experiences trials and hurdles through the years, this is a book every home should have.

The price is less than a half hour of marriage counseling, yet it offers the wisdom and guidance for do-it-yourself marriage therapy equal to months in a psychologist’s office.

Whether your marriage is in trouble, or you want to insure the present bliss of your relationship, every couple will take their marriage to a deeper level of love, mutual respect, harmony, and joy by reading and following the excellent guidance and exercises in this book.

We highly recommend this book!"

- Bonnie and Bill Neely, RealTravelAdventures.com


Try it for Yourself Absolutely Risk Free


We guarantee results! Go through the complete 21 Day Marriage Makeover program and apply the principles, tips and techniques taught. If after doing so you don't see positive results in your marriage and your life, then simply contact us within 30 days and you'll receive a full 100% refund - no hassles, no questions asked.


So if you're ready to experience more out of life and you're willing to put this program to the test, then order your copy of The 21 Day Marriage Makeover right now and discover for yourself, how to transform your marriage into one filled with more love, affection, fun and happiness. You can order with confidence because all transactions are handled on a safe and secured order page.



The Bottom Line...


There is a solution to every marital difficulty. We have seen and heard too many amazing stories to think otherwise. We have devoted our lives to helping couples discover how to improve their marriages and have been touched by their success. If you're ready for a brighter tomorrow and you're willing to try something new, then what you'll discover through The 21 Day Marriage Makeover will change your life forever.


We wish you all the best that life has to offer. 


Darren & Donna McNees - Celebrating 16 Years of Marriage

Darren & Donna McNees
Authors of The 21 Day Marriage Makeover,

21 Ways to Divorce Proof Your Marriage
The Power to Create Your Future




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